Other Bulldog Conditions



The clinical signs of hypothyroidism are caused by a decrease in normal thyroid hormone activity. The disorder may be acquired (a progressive deficiency of thyroid hormone) or congenital (meaning the animal is born with the disorder). The acquired form is the most common disorder of the endocrine system in bulldogs. It occurs as a result of gradual atrophy of the thyroid gland or of gradual infiltration and replacement of the thyroid gland with lymphocytes due to an autoimmune process (lymphocytic thyroiditis). Acquired hypothyroidism is generally seen in middle-aged (4 to 10 years) mid – to large breed bulldogs. Congenital hypothyroidism is very rare.



Seizures are the result of a disturbance in the electrical activity of brain cells. They can occur for a variety of reasons, in any breed of bulldog. Epilepsy is the term used for recurrent seizures where no underlying disease process can be identified as the cause (also called idiopathic epilepsy). Inherited idiopathic epilepsy is genetically transmitted in some breeds of bulldogs. Seizures typically begin between 1 and 3 years of age. Before or after this age, the seizures are more likely caused by an active disease process, such as infection, trauma, a metabolic disorder, or a tumor.


Head tremors


Lymph is a clear watery fluid that is collected from tissues throughout the body and returned to the blood by way of the lymphatic vessels, as part of normal circulation. In lymphedema there is abnormal lymph flow, so that lymph fluids accumulate and cause swelling in the affected tissue. Primary or inherited lymphedema is caused by abnormal development of the lymph vessels or nodes and has been reported in the breeds listed below. Secondary lymphedema can occur in any breed if there is obstruction of lymph vessels due to tumours, inflammation, surgery, etc


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