About the Colvin Family

California Bulldog Breeders


We are the Colvin family and our interest in bulldogs goes way back before we ever became bulldog breeders. Bulldogs are everywhere! Bulldogs star in many movies and commercials, and are the mascots of universities such as Yale, Georgia, Georgetown, and Fresno State.


In addition, the United States Marine Corps and, of course, their country of origin and namesake, England, recognize the bulldog as their dog of choice. Bulldogs are the most recognizable breed of dog. If you see a bulldog walking down the street with its wrinkles, big head and short squatty stance; you will instantly know it’s a bulldog!!


Our love affair with bulldogs got serious when our family pet passed on. In looking for our new family member, a bulldog came to mind.


When we brought home Elsie, our first girl, we were quickly hooked. She ruled the roost, so to speak, and was a real pleasure to have around. She was really smart, but seemed to have her own agenda. She had so many little quirks that made her unique to any other pet.


We wanted to further enjoy the bulldog breed and allow others to become bulldog lovers. Bulldogs have unique characteristics, but unfortunately, some individuals have extensive health problems. We felt we could give something back to the breed we love and cherish by making health and temperament our number one priority.


Therefore, as a bulldog breeder our goal is this: Provide happy, healthy bulldog puppies that make great additions to families. We are dedicated and passionate about bulldogs. We have been bulldog breeders for more than 18 years. However, unlike many other bulldog breeders, we do not make our sole living selling bulldog puppies. You can feel confident purchasing a bulldog puppy from us.


We offer our bulldog puppies with American Kennel Club (AKC) registration, microchipping and a health and temperament guarantee. We are very knowledgeable about bulldogs and make ourselves available as much as possible to answer any bulldog questions you may have before and after taking a bulldog puppy home. For more information, check out our Testimonials, FAQ’s and Bulldog Health pages. We hope you enjoy our new bulldog site and invite any questions you may have.

SoCalBulldogs has bulldog puppies for sale.


SoCalBulldogs’ kennel is located in Bakersfield,


California. SoCalBulldogs has provided quality bulldog puppies to happy bulldog families all over California and in particular the Southern California areas of: Orange County, OC, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Inland Empire, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Santa Barbara County and Kern County as well as Fresno County.


We have also shipped several bulldog puppies to other states. Check out FAQ’s for more shipping information. For more information please contact us.